Pictory apologise but production of books received after the 15th March 2017 will take slightly longer to return to customers due to holiday commitments. Any books received after this date will be returned to customers by the end of April 2017. For new orders after March 15th please order from our amazon sales channel where there is lots of stock. Thank you from Pictory.


What happens if I make a mistake?

If you make a mistake on your Front Cover then please just use a Book Page as a substitute and clearly mark this as the Front Cover.

Can I have some more pages?

If you need some more pages then please contact the Pictory office, in exceptional circumstances we can provide additional pages. Although please remember the book can only be 12 pages long (not including front cover), the production facility cannot cope with more pages.

I need more fibre pens to complete my Pictory story, can I use my own?

You can use any water based fibre pens or pencil or crayons to finish your drawings, but please don’t use wax crayons as these make a mess of our printing equipment!

My FREEPOST envelope doesn’t have the correct address?

Over the years Pictory has moved office a number of times. You may have a very old Pictory kit with a return envelope addressed to Redditch. This would also carry the original “Infant Isle” branding. This pack will now be at least 10 years old! If you do have one of our old packs and would like us to finish your book then please use the following FREEPOST address, we will still honour the product and produce your book as if it had only been bought recently. This advice also applies if you have if you have a FREEPOST address for our last office in Rugby, please readdress the envelope to the FREEPOST address below.

PO BOX 1023

I need my book back quickly can this be done?

In exceptional circumstances we can return books in a shorter timescale than our standard 28 days. If you need a book for a special occasion, a Big Birthday for example, then please make this obvious on your order form and we will endeavour to meet your request. However, finishing your book quickly means that someone else’s will take more time, so we will only do this occasionally.

Can I have more than one copy of the finished Pictory?

We are sorry, a Pictory is a unique product and each book includes the original illustration. This is part of the charm of the finished product and copies would only detract from this.

Can I get a discount if I order a large number of Pictory kits for my school / Brownie or Cub group / youth club?

Please contact us for more information on pricing for these organisations and minimum order quantities. You certainly will not have to pay our normal postage charges.

I own a Toy shop / Bookshop and would like to stock Pictory kits, how do I do this?

Please contact us direct for information on either our mail order Pictory or retail point of sale Pictory and to receive information on wholesale terms and conditions.

Your PICTORY Personal Book Kit includes everything you need including:

  • A pack of coloured Felt Tip Pens
  • A Front Cover Sheet
  • 12 Individual story pages
  • A protective template
  • Pre paid envelope for book processing
  • Advice and Guidelines

Your finished PICTORY will include:

  • The title, author and illustration on the Book Cover
  • A dated Dedication Page
  • All story pages professionally typeset
  • A colourful laminated cover
  • Wirobinding to enable your book to open flat