Pictory apologise but production of books received after the 15th March 2017 will take slightly longer to return to customers due to holiday commitments. Any books received after this date will be returned to customers by the end of April 2017. For new orders after March 15th please order from our amazon sales channel where there is lots of stock. Thank you from Pictory.

Write and Illustrate Your Own Book

Your PICTORY Personal Book Kit includes everything you need

It’s time you got a Pictory!

What is Pictory?

Pictory is a unique gift that captures a child’s imagination, in words and pictures. The author of a Pictory writes and illustrates their own story, be it about fairies and princesses, teachers and school, holiday adventures or how much they love their Granny! The choice of story line is their very own and the list of subjects literally endless.

Your Pictory can tell your own story or be used as a “Thank You” gift to a family member or best friend. Perhaps you might write one to remember a special day or time in your life, it’s your choice! Why not watch the video to see how Pictory works and get some ideas for your own book?

Your PICTORY Personal Book Kit includes everything you need including:

  • A pack of coloured Felt Tip Pens
  • A Front Cover Sheet
  • 12 Individual story pages
  • A protective template
  • Pre paid envelope for book processing
  • Advice and Guidelines

Your finished PICTORY will include:

  • The title, author and illustration on the Book Cover
  • A dated Dedication Page
  • All story pages professionally typeset
  • A colourful laminated cover
  • Wirobinding to enable your book to open flat